LAV UP contract
Mil-Quip has been awarded a $2.31M contract for the supply of parts on the LAV UP project by GDLS-Canada. [...]

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Welcome to Mil-Quip website

In business in the industrial transport and defense industries for more 25 years, Mil-Quip now has a 50,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility located 30 minutes from Montreal.
Mil-Quip has an integrated approach that offers either all or some of the following expertise: from design, engineering, procurement, prototyping and testing to fabrication: cutting, bending, machining, welding, and to a finishing area that includes CARC and powder paint and mechanical assembly.

Mil-Quip will tackle both contract based projects and just-in-time production, supported by a team of project managers that will take care of design, planning, procurement and processes. Over the years Mil-Quip has developed an extensive line of reusable containers. From aluminum containers fitted with either foam or cradle that will store mechanical parts such as front drive and transfer cases to add-on armour plate containers and LAV power pack containers made from steel.

Mil-Quip currently has a workforce of 80 and possesses additional capacity with its new larger facility.